Producing the Unprecedented


I am Ketch Rossi, and after having spent half of my adult life in Hollywood I returned to Italy, my beloved Homeland, with an ever bigger desire to rediscover her soul and share her beauty with the rest of the world. Inspired by the desire to unite my passions for Cinematography, Photography, Travel and Italian Cuisine, I decided to create my most exciting and monumental Filming adventure to date, with which transport viewers to this amazing Country and her “Made in Italy” her passionate people, her deep traditions and her delicious foods.  

Together with three Teams, a “Film Crew” a “BTS Crew” and a “Social Media/P.R. Crew” I’ll create two incredible film projects, one by Producing a staggering 100 “#daringtravels with Ketch Rossi, Italy” Unscripted (Spontaneous) DocuFilms, during the first year of extensive Pre-Production & Location Scouting as we map out Italy’s most stunning sites for my Directorial Debuting feature film “The Photographer’s girl”. Creating also a series of Short Films & Fashion Films which together with the DocuFilms will capture the essence of all marvelous visited locations of which we’ll talk about and show in all their beauty, interacting with the locals to discover their customs and traditions, and I’ll prepare delicious local Dish Recipes with Celebrity Guests on board the Motorhome, specially customized for this project.


The other will be the actual Production of the feature film, together with an astonishing 100 “Making Of” DocuFilms, creating a massive quantity of Back Stage material like no one else has ever done in the history of Cinema before, with the objective to serve both as a vehicle of Entertainment and Education to those curious about the Movie Making magic as well as all Aspiring Filmmakers that will be able to watch from the beginning till the last one of them documenting the Movie’s final Premiere and After Party.

Finally trough regular daily LIVE Broadcasts sent to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram e Twitter, together with continuous posts updates, sharing Thousands of Photographs, & Hundreds of Videos, Blogs & Vlogs which will create the largest Image Bank ever created before in similar projects. This enormous quantity of coverage will inevitably give life to a massive global Social Media event offering all participating Sponsors a huge Marketing opportunity creating Brand visibility with sales generating possibilities without precedent.  


I remain available to answer any question, which you can send me via the Contact form in this Site, and look forward to come to an agreement to also add your Brand with “Product Placement” both in the 100 DocuFilms from the “#daringtravels with Ketch Rossi, Italy” Series as well as on the Movie and its 100 “Making Of” DocuFilms, in exchange for Products of interest & financial support in accordance with your company's budget and desired coverage.

Proposed Motorhome similar to the one to be fully Customized for the Productions needs of both projects.


Motorhome Copyright: Concorde Resisemobile.