Mr. KETCH ROSSI is. . .  Wait. . .  I'm writing this myself, so doing it in "THIRD" person it's kinda of weird, let's start again!

First of all, "THANKS" for visiting my page and taking the time to stop in and read the about section to get to know a bit about me.

Now we start... Again...

Hello, my name is Ketch Rossi, I was born and raised in Italy, I travelled to the USA for the first time in 1989, as a very young Passion driven Visionary, well, more of a Dreamer actually, but I did had a Vision, one that would one day see me telling Stories about things that matter, and it was in fact a Promise made to my younger sister that put me on a journey that it is still going on today. That promise was about becoming a Filmmaker in Hollywood and tell our Story. 

A story of true tragedy, suffering, abuse and violence that no family should be expose to, and definitely no child, so that promise was about this, telling such a compelling true story of us that would inspire all MEN in the world to never abuse their children and their wives. That journey proved far more difficult then ever imagined and it put me trough unimaginable obstacles which I survived only because of my absolute Perseverance, Passion and Determined Positivity of life, I survived it all, including a Near Death experience, which I don't even know why they called "Near Death" since I was actually Dead for an undetermined time, as they found me without a pulse during a routine visit in the middle of the night in my room while in the Hospital after I had a Kidney Transplant, btw, that Kidney was Gifted to me by my beloved Sister Barbara which She hesitated not, in placing her own life at risk to save mine, She is my Angel, and one day I'll give her the life of a queen She deserves. 

So now let's get out of that very personal but very important telling of my life, and let's fast forward to today, and here I am writing a Bio, or kinda of one, on my new Web site so that as I begin a new Journey in a large Chapter in my life, you, my Followers have something to come to and read about. 

The question I get asked a lot by those close to me, is how I do all that I do, where do I find the energy and strength and where does that drive to do what I do comes from, and really why I do it, but those that are really close to me ask different questions, and those which are complete strangers ask different questions all together, all influenced directly by the professional group to which they belong to where I am involved in, so let me answer whom am I and why I do what I do and where my drive comes from.

In exact and intended order this is who I am and why:


I have always been a Philanthropist, since I was a very young child in fact, giving away my super small and rare allowances to see a smile on a friend's face, gifting my beloved toys those that had none, and helping the elderly with anything that could make their daily lives just a bit easier, I have always loved others and never feared even the meanest of people, and always looked for a soft spot and helped them too with tasks that where just too much for their old bones, and eventually I even turned few in to good people, and they even cried when my family and I moved away, so from that early on I realized that any one can change and we can always do something about it.

Today I am the Founder and CVO (Chief Visionary Officer) of KETCH ROSSI HUMANITAS, a 501(c)(3) Public Charity Nonprofit Organization dedicated to developing educational curriculum and facilities in the fields of filmmaking, cinematography, digital art and other related artistic pursuits, while promoting amongst its students, faculty and surrounding community charitable causes and endeavors designed to alleviate abuse, poverty disease and human suffering.

I am currently deeply involved in organizing my latest project called "Ventured2inspire" where I'm embarking in the journey of my life as I take a full year off to travel on a self customized Van across the United States of America most beautiful National Parks (50+ locations) to Film & Photograph all locations while creating Inspirational Filmmaking/Photography Master Classes which I'll make available on line for FREE, also welcoming any aspiring filmmaker/photographer to come t any of the locations in person to attend and accompany me, as I make the first public effort to rise awareness and funding for the Nonprofit's first and most important project, the opening of it's first facility "Tactical Film Institute" which will host up to 300 Students per School year where they'll get FREE education in Filmmaking & Photography hands on as they create Films with positive messages that will directly create and inspire actions to alleviate Human Suffering. 


Because I truly care for the well being of others, and not just those closest to me, and wish to do all that I can to make our world a better place for all of Humanity and trough the creation of "KETCH ROSSI HUMANITAS" and its "TACTICAL FILM INSTITUTE" school project I look to make a tangible difference not only by providing FREE education to those that can't afford to pay Film & Photography School tuitions, teaching and inspiring them to create imagery that will entertain trough their content's beauty and compelling storytelling while always bringing about positive messages that will result in the alleviation of human suffering and most importantly inspire others to do the same "CHANGING LIVES ONE STORY AT THE TIME".


I have always been fascinated with Movies, especially after a trip my mother took to the city of ROME (Italy of course) from the very small town where we leaved few hours away, and it was in this trip that She drove on a street as they where filming a scene of a film with few famous actors and it was as if a lighting stroked me, I was in that set, I was making that film, in my head I already was a filmmaker. My Mother She had an affinity for Romance-Drama films so that was all I watched and came to develop a particular interest in the way such stories where told, with similarities even when completely different in subject manners, I was developing my own Storytelling abilities, well, at list till I was 11 years of age, as after that we moved to the country side with no electricity for 7 years, and here is where the sufferings trough abuse and extreme hard work, starvation and regular severe beatings came to be my way of life till I left home all together.

But was in fact during this hardship times that I developed my Storytelling skills as I would tell stories to my younger siblings to take their minds away from the misery and suffering that we where leaving in turn was here, in the mist of this misery, suffering, and struggles that I made a promise to my sister to become a filmmaker myself by going to Hollywood and tell our story, in the hope that it would make money and allow the saving of the entire family form the tyranny of our drunken father. 

Today I find myself with decades of knowledge and experience in the Arts and I am more passionate about it then I ever was, and still at work to tell that very first story that got me to be what I have become, and reason I embarked in to filmmaking in the first place, and look forward to one day make good on that promise. 


Because I simply truly love it! But also so that I can use what I know trough this magnificent Art to do good where and when I can, and continue to write stories that I will one day tell on the big screen, in the hopes to not only entertain, but inspire for a better world, and alleviate human suffering and especially work on stories which messages are directly related in stopping the violence against children and women.


I actually should have put this title before filmmaker as technically I started taking photographs far earlier then taking Motion Pictures, but in truth I was in love with the art of filmmaking far earlier then I was with still imagery, so I guess it's ok this way, but make no mistakes that it is in fact because of my found love for Still Imagery trough photography that I developped the skills that made me who I am in the field of Cinematography, thanks to the knowledge acquired trough the use of Photo cameras, understanding differences from one lens focal to the other, exposure, lighting and so on. Today I feel some what guilty of having left Photography behind in favor of Cinematography, but I am actually about to change that again, not by abandoning Cinematography of course, but by returning to my roots of photography, and not only combine still imagery by extracting frames from the emotion streams as I have been doing this past decade, but actually returning to use Still Cameras to create imagery that is worth seen.   


Because from the very first time I saw a photo I took, I was stunned by it's capacity to freeze a moment in time, and tell a story only trough that single image, and while it did took me several rolls of waisted films to get just one photo right, when I did it changed my life and that moment inspired me immensely to share such beauty in this world we leave in and capture as many of such magical moments as possible to share with others.


But ultimately I am a Human being just like you, with big dreams and hopes, hard at work to make them reality :)